Websites For Morons: Getting Started.

Website Checklist:

1. Why is the site needed?
2. Who is the audience?
3. How will they use the website?
4. What are the key reasons users may have for visiting the site?
5. What feeling or message do you want the website to convey to those who view it?
6. What websites do you like or don’t like? Why do you or don’t you like these sites? What features of the websites would you like to incorporate?
7. Are there colors you want to be used and colors that you don’t like? Make sure you provide the example sites or color codes.
8. Do you already have a logo and other graphics to be used? If not, do you want to have one created?
9. List features the website will need to include. For example: Blog, Picture Gallery, Contact Form, Image Slider, Flash Animation, Mobile Website.
10. Do you need to be able to edit your website with a CMS (Content Management System)?
11. Do you need an Informational Website (Display Information) or E-commerce Website (Sell Products Online)?

Informational Websites:

Provide the breakdown of all the pages of your website with a description of what those pages will contain. For example:

Your home page will have intro text and an image slider.
Your service page will have information for services.
Your gallery will have a photo gallery of your services.
Your contact page will have your contact information with a contact form and a map.
Provide the content (Images and Text) for all the pages of your website.
Please specify any content that you do not have and need us to create.
Provide details on how you would like your website navigation to appear.

E-commerce Websites:

Provide a breakdown of all the pages of your website with a description of what those pages will contain.
How many products and product categories will your store have?
Will you be adding the products to the website or will you need us to add the products?
Do you have all the product data ready (Product titles, descriptions, images, prices, etc.)?
Provide any specific credit card merchants your store setup with.
Provide any specific shipping carriers your store setup with.

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