Uhsome Runs “Be Found Everywhere” Campaign!

Uhsome Media and Marketing launched their new “Be Found Everywhere” digital marketing campaign to expand their international presence.

The goal of Uhsome’s “Be Found Everywhere” display advertising campaign is to create a larger international lead capture and presence. The campaign is being run on a behavioral retargeting platform, showing images of different cities around the world. The campaign’s slogan “The World’s Best Digital Advertising” is used to get the message to viewers that their business can be found all over the world via the internet.

Uhsome works with their clients to create the broadest online presence possible for their business. By researching the business and target market, they find the numerous platforms with the largest return on investment, whether it be search, display, social media or one of their other services.

Advertising on the internet has wide possibilities. In the display network, you can target who sees your ad by gender, employment status, education level, marital status and income.

Uhsome is an interactive agency helping businesses build long-term digital and social strategies. Uhsome has ran successful digital campaigns across various types of businesses in multiple locations.

Uhsome has worked with clients ranging from multinational brands and large insurance companies to international gem dealers based in Switzerland. They have found success from local, national and international businesses. Uhsome’s team are experts on all media elements. The goals of their marketing campaigns are to generate awareness, build brand equity and drive increased revenue for their clients.

For more information, call Uhsome @ (813) 466-2435 or fill out this form and we will contact you!