Uhsome Case Study: Valor Jets

Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and wondered what you were thinking when you picked out your outfit or hairstyle? We’ve all been there. Turns out, the same thing happens all the time with websites. A design that seemed great 5 years ago likely feels incredibly outdated today. As technology advances and design trends change, it is important to keep up with the times in order to remain relevant.

Not only does your website need to look visually appealing, it needs to be user friendly and easily accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones. This requires consistent effort to ensure you are up-to-date and providing a positive UX.

In our latest case study, we are taking a look at our Valor Jets website redesign project. This company, which focuses on private jet sales, was in need of a totally redesigned website in terms of design and functionality. Let’s take a look at what our team did, as well as why we made the decisions we did, that lead us to the final product.


Homepage Design and Header

Your homepage, and in particular your top header, is incredibly important in terms of keeping people at your website. This largely serves as your brand’s first impression to your potential customers, so it needs to be eye catching. For Valor Jets, we were tasked with reconstructing a partial image of a black jet and turning it into a full jet image that was high quality.



As you can see, we added the wings, lights, and landing gear, in addition to cleaning up the image itself and creating the sleek final product. It took us several adjustments, but the final result is one that the client, and our team, was very happy with. We later turned the image into a video which is what is in place now at their website:


Overall Website Design and Functionality

It was not just the homepage image that was in need of improvements- but the entire website. For starters, we simplified the navigation of the site, making it easier for users to move around and find the information they are looking for.

Additionally, we determined main focus points that would lead to increased conversions and added content to the homepage so that visitors could easily access crucial parts of the website.



As you can see, much more information is on the homepage, allowing visitors to scroll and get a more complete view of the company and what they have to offer.

Inner pages were also completely redesigned in order to display the information in a more appealing way. While the original website was very dark and text-intensive, our redesign lightened things up and added custom graphics and icons and more user friendly layouts.



The updated About page features contrasting light and dark backgrounds with more eye catching visuals and graphics that compel readers to scroll down the page. The design remains very simple and modern, and the black, white, and red color scheme remains, but is used in a more impactful way.


Product Listings

Our biggest challenge with this redesign project was to update the product listings. As the most important aspect of the website, we needed to enable seamless browsing and determine the best way to display product information. As with any ecommerce site, it is crucial to get this part of your design perfect. Too little or too much information can deter customers, and instead, you have to strike just the right balance. Furthermore, a clean and organized appearance was necessary in order to not have the pages feel cluttered.  



While the website before feels dark and cluttered with too much information, the updated design is much sleeker and makes it much easier for a customer to understand the relevant product information. All images were cleaned up and backgrounds were removed to eliminate any distractions. We also added the ability to sort and filter results to make it even easier for users to find what they need.


Wrapping Up

We were very happy with the final result of this website, and most importantly the client was as well. In fact, upon completion of the website, we were asked to design a brochure that mimicked the design of the website.

Redesigning a website is no easy task. There are numerous design and functionality aspects that have to be considered. If your website is out of date, we would be happy to help you through the redesign process. For more examples of our work, you can take a look at our portfolio here. If you’d like to get started with us, click here to receive your free quote.


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