Uhsome Case Study On Padgett Medical Center

“There are currently 116 million people suffering from Chronic Pain in America.” – Institute of Medicine of The National Academies

The doctors and staff at Padgett Medical Center are knowledgeable and very dedicated to providing all of their patients with the most effective pain management. Founded in 2010, Padgett Medical Center’s goal is to alleviate all chronic pain. If and when it is not possible to completely get rid of someone’s pain, the patient can be assured that the staff will do their best to make the pain tolerable and improve their daily life. Padgett’s team knew they wanted to be able to treat patients not only in the Tampa Bay area, but the whole state of Florida.

The owner at Padgett Medical Center heard of Uhsome Media & Marketing from a friend in April of 2011. He ended up making a bet with them: if they could design a better website than what he had before, he would use Uhsome’s digital marketing to grow their business. Uhsome’s creative team not only redesigned their website, but provided a variety of marketing services including Google analytics, keyword analysis, search engine optimization, social media management, design work for banners, behavioral re-targeting, direct advertising, pay per click, written articles and press releases as well as quarterly reports.

Uhsome did diligent background research on Padgett, looking at what their competitors were doing, who their target audience was as well as what platform to run the PPC campaign on. Uhsome compared Facebook & Google PPC advertising with a $5 CPM and Bay News 9 and Tampa Bay Times with a $7-10 CPM. Realizing that a majority of their target audience were active Facebook members, Uhsome chose to run their PPC campaign on Facebook.

Padgett Medical Center BEFORE redesign
Padgett Medical Center AFTER redesign

Padgett Medical Center is currently beating out the majority of their competitors. Thanks in large part to the vast amounts of product-specific content on the site, Padgett Medical Center achieved the first page ranking in Google for the terms “Tampa Pain Clinic” and “Tampa Pain Management”.

Uhsome targeted 362,600 users who live within 50 miles of Ocala and Tampa and over the age of 25. From just one month since it started in January of this year, the campaign reached over 99,000 Facebook users.

Padgett Medical Center reached 98% of US web surfing audiences and increased conversion rates by five times with using Uhsome’s Behavioral Re-targeting. Uhsome targeted their visitors that performed actions on their website, whichi dentified them as potential customers. By using Uhsome’s effective display strategy, they received an astronomical branding value with their ads.

About a week ago, Padgett Medical Center has opened a new location to treat patients in Ocala, Florida. They not only have patients coming to their clinic from all over Florida, but the whole nation too.

“I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. Padgett Medical Center has helped me so much. Now I can go back to work.”

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