Uhsome Case Study On Lancet Indemnity RRG

Lancet Indemnity is a physician owned and operated Professional Liability insurance carrier specifically created to protect its policyholders. Founded in 2007, Lancet Indemnity provides traditional and innovative coverages for individual physicians, groups, captives and associations in an effort to manage today’s assets and tomorrow’s realities.

To build on its success, Lancet Indemnity decided to get a fresh new look in June of 2011. Wanting his company to grow, Stephen Maniscalco of Lancet Indemnity understood the importance of this needed make-over. He chose Uhsome, a web strategy firm specializing in digital media, to improve the image of their business. In turn, Uhsome provided a variety of services including Google analytics, website redesign, CMS web development, keyword analysis, search engine optimization, Facebook design, Uhsome hosting as well as quarterly reports.

Lancet Indemnity’s redesigned website by Uhsome incorporates a clean and crisp look with high contrast and little clutter. The website is designed for maximum usability and also features search-engine-friendly design methods.

Lancet Indemnity BEFORE redesign
Lancet Indemnity AFTER redesign

Uhsome targeted their visitors that performed actions on their website, which identified them as potential customers. By using Uhsome’s effective behavioral retargeting strategy, they received an astronomical branding value with their ads. They now have over 68,824 impressions.

“Uhsome did an amazing job and we definitely recommend them to anyone.” – Stephen Maniscalco

“Lancet Indemnity has become the leading risk retention in the USA with outside the box underwriting and offering the best premiums. They have understood the most important formula for success which is service.” – Better Business Bureau who rated an Lancet Indemnity an A.

Lancet Indemnity has expanded nationwide and is now licensed to write medical malpractice insurance in fourteen states including Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas.

About Uhsome Media and Marketing
Uhsome is an interactive agency helping businesses build long-term digital and social strategies. Their media strategies have been successful across various types of businesses in multiple locations. Uhsome has worked with clients ranging from multinational brands, large insurance companies and even international gem dealers based in Switzerland. They have found success from local, national and international businesses. Uhsome are experts on all digital design and development elements. The goals of their media campaigns are to generate awareness, build brand equity and drive increased revenue for our clients.

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