Uhsome Case Study: Math With Your Friends

Innovation drives success. Just ask top tech companies or simply observe their commitment to their customers and their brand. Things move fast in this industry, and the last thing you want to be labeled as is “old news.” We recently discussed this idea and showed it in action by taking a look at the history of Twitter.

As promised, we wanted to take this one step further by showing how we put innovation to work with our clients here at Uhsome. Our team is comprised of talented individuals that will not only provide you with the product you are looking for, but will strategize with you and help put into action a plan that will keep your company, your website, or your app relevant for years to come.


Math With Your Friends

Late last year we launched an app called Math With Your Friends. The idea? Create a fun game that allows users to challenge friends and family to a math challenge. Creating a series of equations from your collection of number and operator tiles earns you points. Whoever has the most points when all tiles have been used wins.  

In less than a year the app has grown and evolved. Numerous updates and new features have been released that make the game more fun and exciting. Let’s take a look at what our team has been able to accomplish so far.


Math With Your Friends’ Timeline

  • Launch: The app started very basic. Users could register to play and challenge other registered users. When playing, you tapped a tile you wished to play, and tapped the spot on the board you wished to place it.
  • Social Integrations: In order to get more people playing the game we released the option to connect with Facebook and Google or invite friends from your contact list via email or SMS message.
  • More Opponents: With this update we added the ability for a player to challenge a random opponent. Players were also now able to chat with their opponents in an effort to make the game more social.
  • Drag n’ Drop: Instead of tapping tiles and placing them on the board, game functionality increased by allowing users to drag their tiles and drop them on the board.



  • Match Improvements: Random opponent matching was improved to join players together with similar usage frequency.
  • High Scores: This update tracks all users scoring and provides a space for viewing top scores. Scores are tracked for one game points, one move points, most points ever, most games ever, and highest win ratio. You can also filter scores to see high scores of the day, week, month, and year.



  • Bot Integration: Our latest innovation was just launched yesterday, and adds the ability to play against a bot. Users can not only challenge a bot to a game, they can also select between two difficulty levels.

It has been an exciting year for us with this app and we are looking forward to future updates and improvements. These updates help keep the app relevant, inspires users to keep playing, and helps attract new users to download the app.

If you are looking for a company to help build your website or app, we hope you will consider Uhsome. You can take a look at our full portfolio here or can reach out to us here and receive a free quote.


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