Tampa’s Uhsome Expands With Downtown Chicago Office

Due to an increase in the size and scope of our clientele, we are excited to announce that as of today Uhsome will be in the Chicago market. Uhsome is a Tampa, Florida-based agency helping businesses build long-term digital and social strategies. Our new state-of-the-art office space will be at 875 N. Michigan Avenue on the 31st Floor in the John Hancock Center. It is the premier address where our team can have it all. Head of Uhsome’s Strategic Operations will include Brian Barclay and Phil Patterson.

An array of roles will be based out of the Chicago office, including new market exploration, sales and service optimization, marketing and customer-focused efforts. We will be working with investment companies and doing business in Downtown Chicago for digital marketing.

Chris Arnoldi, our Brand Catalyst of Uhsome, said “We have built our business one person at a time with great clients. An expanded presence in Chicago will allow us to have more face-to-face time with our Chicago clients. We trust that there will be a great need for our exclusive mix of technical skills and various services in the Midwest region. Expecting to significantly increase annual revenue in 2012, this will be an exciting year to grow.”

Uhsome is introducing two new employees in Tampa’s office. Tim Hickman, our Senior Search Engine Optimization Professional, is our newest addition. His goal at Uhsome is to get businesses to see the true value in SEO and reap the benefits one city at a time. The second addition to this team is our Social Media Manager, Kimberly Sorensen. Her goal at Uhsome is to build trust and foster community. With our current staff and structure, it places us in an “uhsome” position to expand and measure our capabilities in other regional markets.