Social Media Marketing For Math With Your Friends: An Important Piece of the Puzzle

Here at Uhsome, we understand that developing a quality app or website is just the beginning. You might have an exceptional finished product- but what happens once you launch? Without proper marketing, you won’t experience the sort of traffic, conversions, or downloads that you need to be successful.

We handle digital (and print) marketing in addition to our design and development services so that we are able to help our clients throughout their entire journey to success. We recently discussed our success with Math With Your Friends and what they are doing to innovate and stay relevant, but that is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ve also helped them with their social media marketing in order to gain them additional exposure.

Let’s discuss what our general marketing strategy was for Math With Your Friends to give you an idea of how we could help your brand gain exposure online.


Accounts Setup

Our first step is always to determine which social media channels are appropriate to use. Most times, it isn’t necessary to develop a presence on every social media channel that exists. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, determine which channels are most relevant to your brand and are most likely to have the greatest percentage of your target audience.  

For Math With Your Friends, we determined that the two best platforms they should utilize is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is a solid decision for any brand, as there is such a wide demographic range using the platform daily. Instagram is great for targeting a younger demographic, which we knew we wanted to do with this app. We created both accounts and got them up and running with the proper visuals and brand information.


Audience Targeting

Millions of people use social media every day, which is both a positive and a negative. It’s great having access to so many people to market your brand to, but it makes it incredibly difficult to stand out from all the other brands and personal pages that are publishing posts as well. Instead, we target our posts to a specific audience that we think are most likely to be interested in the particular website or app.

In this case, we started out by targeting school kids, as we thought that would be our target demographic. After collecting some initial data and analyzing it, we realized our target audience was skewed too young. We quickly corrected our strategy and targeted our posts towards a more adult demographic.

When you hire Uhsome, you will have a team that is constantly measuring your data and ready to adjust your strategy as needed to reflect who your users are and what they want from you.


Optimizing for App Downloads

When developing your social media strategy, it is crucial that you set a goal. What is it you want from your marketing efforts? More web traffic, increased conversions, a boost in app downloads? Without setting a goal, you have no way to know if your efforts are successful. It is no surprise that in this case our objective was to increase app downloads.

There are several things that we did in order to make this happen. For starters, we optimized both the Facebook and Instagram pages by linking to the app download page. The Facebook CTA button (shown above) and Instagram bio link both direct to the app store, making it easy for users to quickly download and start playing. Best of all, the link recognizes if a user is using an iOS or Android device and redirects to the appropriate store. This link is also utilized in all Facebook posts to help increase its exposure.


Paid vs. Free Marketing Analysis

Part of our social media marketing strategy also includes an analysis of both paid and free marketing initiatives. In the social media world today, it is no longer sufficient to just rely on free or organic posts. Algorithm changes have dramatically reduced the reach of organic posts, which pretty much guarantees your page will not experience any growth unless you pay for some social advertising.

For Math With Your Friends, we created a custom strategy that incorporates both paid and free posts. This approach is much more successful and has resulted in a major increase in page follows, post likes, and best of all, app downloads.


Custom Graphics and Video


Visual content dominates social media. In fact, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times as much engagement as posts without images. For that reason, we always rely on our graphic designers to help create custom, eye-catching visuals for the brands that we work with. Above, you can see a small sampling of images created for Math With Your Friends. Our team can also create video content for your social media channels, which we have done for Math With Your Friends as well, which leads us to our next point.  


Introduce New Features

Finally, for major new features to the app, we make sure to publicize them via social media. This often includes a custom graphic or video that helps explain and capture users’ attention. The above video, for example, was released when Math With Your Friends debuted their drag and drop feature that made game playing much easier.

Social media is a great way to increase your website’s or app’s exposure, build a following, and ultimately achieve your business goals, whatever they happen to be. If you are in need of help in developing your social media strategy, we hope you will reach out to us and request a free quote. We are ready to help you take your brand’s social media to the next level.


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