Social Media In 2013.

It’s a new year and the ever changing world of social media is bringing in a whirlwind of new and innovative ideas! This year, there is a trend in establishing content for all of your social media outlets. Content writing is a lot more powerful and attractive to the consumer eye than regular text writing.

Content writing, a lot of the time, isn’t even really writing. It is posting a video related to your product. It is displaying pictures of how your business operates. It is engaging customers in a friendly conversation about your product or service. It means going outside of the text box and creating a positive and fun relationship with your consumers.

This year, a lot of businesses, both small and large, are using more visually appealing ways to connect to not only their customers, but other businesses as well. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Studies show that Facebook posts with pictures are “liked” twice as much as text-only posts. Videos on Facebook are shared 12 times more than links and text-only posts. This year, there is a big demand for visual stories.

Building an actual online relationship with consumers will instill trust into your brand, making them more likely to use your product or service. Brands that combine images with content in a more unique way will see a large increase in user engagement in 2013.

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