Should Your Most Important Assignment Come First?

If you are like the rest of us in the working population, you probably check your emails as soon as you wake up or get to work. You have only one thing in mind – to clear out all of your ‘clutter’ so that you have plenty of time to tackle that big project you have been working on. But by the time you get to it, your focus and energy have surpassed.

Our Uhsome team has put together a step by step model to successfully completing your most important task of the day:

Rule #1: Skim through your emails and only reply to important tasks – do this for only about thirty minutes. Make notes to come back to specific items later.

Rule #2: Focus for about three hours working on your biggest project. When doing this, make sure you shut off all of your distractions (emails).

Rule #3: When you are ready for lunch, do not eat in your office. Get away from your computer. You need time to reload — only then you are capable of being productive.

Rule #4: Dedicate the rest of your day on accomplishing your continuous tasks and other progressive work that does not need as much mental energy.

This may seem like an easy switch to your regular routine, but you may have to modify this model depending on your lifestyle. To know if this model will benefit you, ask yourself these questions:

Are you more alert in the morning time? These steps should be used when your brain’s energy is at its height.

Are you able to put your project to a halt? It is important to be disciplined with your time.

We would like to know what methods you have used. Was it helpful and effective?