Shift From Traditional To Digital.

“No one can doubt the mass reach that television enables, but the truth is the online channel is now beginning to offer that same level of audience reach, but with arguably better engagement… “ 

– Julie Batten-

Television ads have always held a dominant share in the advertising market, and still do, but slowly this is beginning to change. With more and more people using the internet and social media, online advertising is becoming a very powerful tool. There are many different forms of online ads such as text ads, display ads, pop-up ads, sponsorship ads, video ads and several more.

The online channel is starting to offer the same level of audience reach that television has. There is also one key part to that I left out, online advertising is more affordable. According to, it costs about $350,000 to produce a national television commercial, and thats just the average for a 30 second slot. If you ran an online display advertising campaign through Uhsome Media and Marketing, for that same price of $350,000, you would receive 100,000,000 impressions online. That deal speaks for itself.

There is no doubt that many people are turning towards the internet to watch their favorite television shows instead of watching them through cable. Studies indicate that teens and young adults spend more time online than watching T.V. or talking on the phone. And we don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

There are 7 billion people on this planet and about 2.5 billion of them are online – that’s about 35% of the world. That has grown 500% since the year 2000 when only about 360 million people were online. It is time to start thinking of the future and the possibilities are endless for online advertising.

Uhsome has worked with clients ranging from multinational brands and large insurance companies to international gem dealers based in Switzerland. They have found success from local, national and international businesses. Uhsome’s team are experts on all media elements. The goals of their media campaigns are to generate awareness, build brand equity and drive increased revenue for their clients.