Reasons A 23-Year-Old Should Run Your Social Media

“Liking,” “Tagging,” “Re-tweeting” and “Pinning” may seem like a foreign language to some. These are just some of the popular phrases used today in social media. And if you’re, well older, you may have just started dabbling in social media, trying to wrap your head around this world that a younger generation seem to be experts at. Recent college graduates have grown up around social media, starting with Myspace and Facebook and increasing their social media knowledge since then. They are the first to hear about new social media sites, first to try them out and first to become experts at them. They know all the terms, tools and tricks that other generations are still trying to get a grip on.

Recently, Inc. posted an article titled “11 Reasons a 23 Year Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media”. Well, here at, we don’t agree with some of the points and put together some rebuttals and reasons why a 20-something is the best candidate to run your social media sites.

They’re not mature enough and are too focused on their own social-media activity.
The article states that today’s youth is not as mature and ready to enter adulthood compared with young people 50 years ago. It also states that their unstable and too self focused on their own social media that they need to be monitored. One thing is certain about today’s recent graduates, if they manage to find a job after graduation, they’re going to work hard to keep it. The economy is tough and we know that. Recent graduates know how to be professional on social media sites and keep up to date with all new social media technologies. Give any new hire a good plan and they’ll execute it well.

No class can replace on-the-job training and they may not understand your business.
Your recent hire may not have been on the job for as many years as you, but with a little background research and training (that most jobs offer), they can get to know your company and customers pretty well. Smart employers will train and educate their new hires about their business and values before they throw them into the job. Once they learn the goals, what customers react positively to and what makes your company different, they can figure out the best way to reach out to these customers. And most college majors teach you about crisis management, branding, public relations as well as other skills used in both business and social media. Sure, it may take them a little warming up to apply their knowledge to the “real world,” but they definitely understand the basics.

Communication skills are critical and humor is a tricky business.
Who better to communicate on social media sites than those who use them everyday? These 20-somethings know what statuses and pictures get the most likes and comments and what 140 characters garner the most retweets. They’ve grown up on these sites and have seen the best examples of social media and absolute worst social media mistakes. They are mature enough to post appropriate things and know what to stay away from.

Social media savvy is not the same as technical savvy.
The article states that good social media requires a combination of social media skills and technical skills. This is a very true statement and 20 somethings are more than capable of learning and becoming knowledgeable about analytic tools and real time data collection. Social media sites are constantly coming out with new tools to track data. Any social media manager, regardless of age, has to educate themselves to learn these skills. Who’s to say that a 40 year old is better than a 20 year old at learning new technology?

Why not let those who grew up checking their Facebook before eating their breakfast in the morning manage your social media sites? At, we understand the importance of social media for your business’ online presence. That’s why we stay up to date on all social media changes and advances while staying ahead of our competitors.