How Uhsome Handles Web Design

Thinking of hiring us to design your website? Uhsome! We are always looking to take on new clients- whether you want to redesign an existing website or want to create an entirely new one.

We recently wrote about web design and how it differs from web development. We’d like to take that one step further over the next couple of weeks by discussing each component in detail. You might think the design process just involves drawing elements and picking a good color scheme. These are, of course, very important parts of the design process, but there is much more involved.

Every company handles their design process a bit differently, so this week we thought we would walk you through the steps of what to expect when you hire Uhsome to design your website.


Here’s a recent example of a website we designed for Health Digital. The client wanted a clean and sharp website for idea cultivation.

Getting Started

When you first decide you need a new website, we make it our priority to fully understand who you are, what your business is, and what it is you are looking for. We want to know the ideas behind your products, the philosophy of your brand, and what you are hoping to achieve. The more communication between us, the better. Client communication is a main resource for creatives.

Your vision is an important part of the design process, and our team will always remain fully transparent and collaborate with you every step of the way, and that starts with this first step. At Uhsome, we don’t just listen and take notes, we actively engage with our clients to develop a full understanding of their mission.


Moving Forward- Initial Client Approval

Once we have an initial understanding of what a client wants, we get our whole team together to do extensive research to determine what the client needs. This is a crucial part of our work as it has a big impact on how the end product will perform. There are typically numerous components that a client wants, and at this point we have to determine what is a “want” and what is a “need.” As we have said previously, it is crucial that a designer strikes a good balance between including too much information, and not enough.

At this point we will create an initial set of concepts that will serve as basic guidelines for the design of the website. We present these concepts to the client, and working with them, get their approval and move towards an actual design.


Layout Creation: Getting the Final Client Approval

Now that we have some approved concepts from the client, we will begin designing and testing various layouts. At this point, styles, colors, graphics, and other visual elements are chosen. Once our entire creative team is satisfied, we will consult with all members of the project. With everyone on board, we send our first design proposals to the client.

This does not mean that our job is complete! We continue to work with our clients until 100% satisfaction is reached. Revisions to designs are made as needed and as agreed upon. The end result? A beautiful looking design, and a satisfied client.


We love redesigning websites to make them look and perform better. Here’s a recent redesign project of ours for Valor Jets.


Keep in mind our work is not confined to new websites. If you have an existing website, we will gladly work with you to redesign it to improve the look and functionality, as you can see in our above example.


Pass Over to Developers

Finally, once a design is approved, it is time to develop the actual website. Great news…Uhsome handles web development too! Learn more about our web development process next week.

If you are looking to design a new website, or update your existing one, we hope you will contact us today to request a free quote. If you are looking for more examples of our work, you can take a look at our portfolio.


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