How College Student, Nick Chmura, Helps Tampa Digital Agency Go Global

Working as a Digital Media Strategist at Uhsome Media & Marketing agency has shown me a whole new world. I had spent time in the past working for more brick and mortar establishments, like an Italian restaurant where I was a busboy, and a fluid systems manufacturing company where I was a customer service intern. This is way different. I am not required to work certain hours, or wear fancy clothes… but creativity and innovation are expected.

The digital frontier is constantly evolving and if one stagnates and doesn’t move with the times, they will be lost. A digital media agency like Uhsome is on the cutting edge, if not a step ahead. For me this is a fun place to be. We are working with companies and methods that have not hit the market yet. Part of my job is staying up to date with the evolution of websites, especially social media including Twitter and Facebook, as well as knowing how we can leverage them to help our customers.

Some people may not appreciate the power of an in depth understanding of social media, but my knowledge helped me run a paperless, completely digital campaign for University of Tampa Student Government Presidency… and win! My work at Uhsome has helped me raise funding and start my own startup and also be on the cofounding team of, both invaluable experiences.

Currently I am working with Uhsome to scale our business globally; we are expanding in Kuwait and Bangkok this year. We recently opened an office in Chicago and moved into a 6000 sq. foot coworking space in Tampa. January alone we have plans to build and launch almost 20 websites. Working with Uhsome’s founder, Chris Arnoldi, I have learned about founding and running a business in the digital age. The web and mobile worlds are becoming increasingly important. I hope to help our customers at Uhsome stay up to date and relevant in the new Wild West, the digital frontier.

You can follow Nick Chmura @Nickcohio and read more about him here