Heads Up: Print Marketing Still Works

In an age dominated by social media and technology it’s easy to declare that print marketing is dead. Everyone is on social media these days, why do you need to create brochures? Right? Wrong! While there is no denying the success and importance of digital marketing, the truth is that there is still a lot of success to be had with print collateral.

While print marketing can be highly effective, there are a lot of considerations to make as well. No one is suggesting you abandon your digital efforts, but rather, consider the potential of incorporating some print media into your marketing strategy. Let’s discuss what exactly print collateral is, how effective it is, and when you should be using it.


What is Print Collateral?

Print collateral is a broad term that defines any business marketing item that involves a physical, printed product. This might be a business card, brochure, billboard, letterhead, or flyer (just to name a few). These items can do a lot to enhance your overall brand image and reputation. They should not just be high quality, but also match other marketing collateral you are likely to have (such as your website or mobile app).

A few examples of business cards we have designed for our clients


Quality cannot be understated when it comes to print collateral. Imagine getting business cards from numerous companies at a networking event. It can be hard to remember each business you spoke with, which is why it is helpful to get a business card as a reminder. If you’ve got a card printed on thick, quality paper with a clear logo and nice font compared with a business card that is flimsy and contains a poor quality logo, hard to read font, and a lack of relevant information, who are you going to be more likely to contact?

The same goes for other types of print collateral as well. You have an opportunity to make a really great impression….or a really bad one. While the same is true with digital marketing as well (you aren’t the only one who has left a poorly designed website almost instantly), there is a different level of permanence when it comes to printed materials. The look of the printed item, as well as the feel, goes a long way at helping a person form an opinion about a brand. It can also serve as a great way to stand out from your competition, which we will talk more about next.  


Is it Actually Still Effective?

Absolutely! When done well, print collateral is still highly effective. Face to face interactions with customers or clients is certainly a major opportunity to impress with print collateral, but that is not the only area where you can benefit.

For ecommerce brands, you might be thinking that there’s no real need for you to branch into print collateral. Your business totally takes place online, so why venture into another zone? Simply put- because it can help you boost your sales! In fact, research shows that brands that utilize a combination of digital and print campaigns produce 163% more profits than brands that only utilize digital marketing campaigns.

Customers also tend to spend more when targeted via print mail, on average 13% more than those customers who only received digital information. With everyone’s attention focused on digital media, incorporating print advertising is a great way to stand out from your competition. A catalog or flyer serves as a physical reminder for your brand, something that can’t be replicated via email or social media.


When to Use it

As we have already mentioned, the best way to approach print collateral is to think about how you can incorporate it with your digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing is certainly not a passing trend, and is (or should be) a major part of your marketing strategy that is deserving of a lot of your time and budget. However, do not limit yourself to just the digital world.

If you do operate a brick and mortar business (as opposed to an ecommerce brand), you have options in terms of local advertising such as billboards or even newspaper ads. And yes, believe it or not, people do still read the newspaper. In fact, newspaper ads make their online counterpart ads as much as 4X more effective, and in general, people find printed marketing material to be the most trustworthy.  

Outside of traditional forms of printed advertising, there are plenty of creative ways to spread the word about your business.

Vehicle wraps are a unique and creative way to spread the word about your business


You have a real opportunity to get creative when it comes to your print collateral, and when done well, it can have a major impact on your brand reputation and your overall ROI.


Who to Hire

If you are going to venture into the world of print marketing you need to be committed 100%. Not only do you need to create a solid strategy for what you want to do and what you want to accomplish, you need a team that can deliver high quality products that will help, not hinder, your brand image.

We have handled a large variety of print projects, including table displays and marketing documents


At Uhsome, we create print collateral in addition to all of our digital marketing work. We have created business cards, flyers, vehicle wraps, brochures, leaflets, questionnaires, table displays, billboards, banners, and so much more. We have plenty of experience in both the design and creation of these products and would be happy to help you with your next campaign. From initial strategizing, through design and production, we are dedicated to helping you with any of your print marketing needs.

To view our portfolio, click here. If you are looking to get started, please contact us today to receive a free quote.



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