Effects Of Bad Hosting

A business’ website should help them make money, not lose it. There’s no point of spending a lot of money on SEO, web development and design if your site is down. Without a solid and reliable web hosting service, your business will lose a lot of customers as well as a lot of money.

1. Bad SEO. You used to be on the front page of search engines all the time and you invested thousands of dollars on SEO services. If your website is constantly down, the search engine robots cannot find it, possibly causing it to be delisted.

2. Bad reputation. If your website is constantly crashing and people can’t get the information they need, you will be seen as unreliable. Having a website that’s up and running at all times is extremely important to your business’ online success.

3. Lose customers. If someone tries to go to your site for the first time and it’s down, they’ll hit the backspace button pretty quickly. They’ll head right back to the search engine and pick the next site, which is likely going to be one of your competitors. How would you feel if your competitor gained customers just because you had a bad web hosting service?

With web hosting, you get what you pay for. Choose the best hosting service for you based on your budget, size of business and the amount of traffic on your website. Whether you have a family owned restaurant or a buzzing e-commerce site, our team can handle it all. We offer a variety of packages to cater all of your websites needs!