Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Did you know that you can pay nearly $2500 for one full page spread in a magazine? You may get a good-looking ad but how do you know if it’s cost effective? You have to sit around and wait to see if your sales go up which could take weeks or even months. Do your customers like the product? You can’t really know this unless your customers send a letter. Honestly, who does that anymore? How many people have actually seen the ad? There’s no real way of knowing this.

For the same price, your business can reach more people in less time with measurable results. Who wouldn’t want that?

That’s why your business needs digital advertising. Digital advertising is the fastest and most diverse way to get your business recognized for a relatively low cost. It has proven, measurable results and a far reach.

Display ads are one way that digital advertising works its magic. With display ads, you can place your advertisements on different websites based on what websites your target audience frequents most. Have a Thursday night special? Run your ads from Monday through Thursday. With display advertising, you can target everything from specific location, to the day of the week, to the time of the day and even what platform your target is using (mobile or desktop). Some websites get even more specific, targeting by gender, age, interest, employment status, income and many more.

Search advertising is another form of digital advertising used by businesses. Search engines, such as Google or Bing, look at what your target audience is searching for and places the ad on their page. This allows your business to come up on searches for related products and services.

Social media platforms are another way to advertise your brand digitally. The great thing about social media is that it allows you to engage your audience. You can connect directly with customers by posting statuses and pictures and address your customers complaints directly. This will make your business more personable. Social Media marketing experts have the skills and experience to properly engage your audience and turn a fan into a customer or a customer into a repeat customer.

One of the best ways to optimize your social media campaign is to measure your results. Facebook has an algorithm called Edge Rank. A profile or page on Facebook has a calculated Edge Rank meaning that although you have 1,000 fans, not all of your fans will see your post. Social media marketers analyze statistics (or “insights) to track performance and optimize your posts accordingly. Can you get that type of performance from placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine?

Stop wasting your time and money trying to reach your audience through traditional advertising. Integrate digital advertising into your business plan and watch your company grow. Uhsome, Tampa’s leading strategy firm, will handle all of your digital advertising needs. See their list of services to see what they can do for you!