CoWorkTampa Snapchat Case Study

Snapchat has recently become one of the best platforms for brands to utilize in order to reach a younger, more tech focused demographic. In particular, geofilters have exploded in popularity. Brands design the filter they want, select the location and time they want it shown, and once approved, the filter will be live. Users are then able to swipe to view the filter when they are within the location you defined.

CoWorkTampa understood the major potential that Snapchat presented for their brand, and took advantage by utilizing a series of filters in order to target their audience. Uhsome handled the design and development of these filters, which included creating the filters, selecting the proper locations, setting the filters live, and monitoring the results.

Let’s take a closer look at what we did and how our filters performed.

Step One: Design

The first step when setting up your own geofilter is to get the design right. This is where our talented Uhsome team comes into play. While Snapchat will approve just about anything (within reason of course), if you have a poorly designed filter, no one is going to use it. CoWorkTampa was in need of two filters- one to correspond with a specific event, and another they could use at their facility and other related locations.

Their first requested filter was for use during the Synapse Innovation Summit, a major tech event featuring lectures and demonstrations on a wide variety of topics, including robotics, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, cybersecurity, and more.

To fit the theme of the event, we created this ‘Drive the Innovation’ filter. Relevant, eye-catching, and of course, featuring the CoWorkTampa brand. Keep in mind you must submit your filter as a business filter (rather than a personal one) in order to include your business name.

Next, a filter was needed that could be used at CoWorkTampa itself, as well as other similar locations. With this design, they wanted something that helped portray their facility as the best option for Tampa entrepreneurs and freelancers in search of work space. A place that is great for getting work done, but also celebrates the local Tampa culture.

With an illustration of their building, the historic Garcia and Vega Cigar Factory, along with the tagline, ‘A Better Place to Work,’ our team did an excellent job bringing CoWorkTampa’s vision to life.

Step Two: Location, Location, Location

There are two main options you have when selecting the location for your geofilter. You either select a location based on an event that is taking place, or you select a location because of the audience that is at that location.

Research is required for both of these options. For option one, you have to select the right events that relate to your brand. For CoWorkTampa, the Synpase event was a great opportunity to target entrepreneurs and innovators who would have a lot to gain from becoming a CoWorkTampa member.

The second option requires you to determine where your target audience is likely to be on a day-to-day basis. For CoWorkTampa, this included coworking facilities, universities, coffee shops, book stores, and other similar locations. By choosing the right locations, we were able to target individuals who would likely be interested in becoming a CoWorkTampa member.

Step Three: Launch

Once we had our filter designs and locations finalized, it was time to launch! Uhsome handled uploading the filters and selecting the proper geofences for each location. You must cover a minimum of 20,000 square feet, but can cover up to 50,000,000 square feet! Cost of the filter is based on several factors, including how large of an area you cover, the location itself, and how long you run the filter. As you can imagine, more heavily populated areas will cost more money, but are also sure to reach more people.

Overall, you will find the cost of Snapchat geofilters to be very reasonable, especially compared to other more traditional marketing methods. Filters start for as little as $5, and we were able to keep costs reasonable by selecting appropriate and more affordable locations. To reduce costs, consider purchasing your filter for less time, selecting a smaller area, or, you can get a discounted price by purchasing an annual filter.

Step Four: Analyze

Snapchat provides you will a great set of analytics once your filter has started running. As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to check that what you are doing is working! With geofilters, you want to check that your filter isn’t just being swiped by a user, but is also actually being used and viewed by people.

From the Synpase event, we placed the filter both at the main event itself as well as a nearby restaurant that hosted the event after party. The filter ran for two days and resulted in nearly 900 swipes, 60 uses, and was viewed nearly 2,000 times!

Our next test involved running our A Better Place to Work filter at 18 unique locations, and the filter gathered over 24,000 swipes, nearly 700 uses, and was viewed by nearly 14,000 people. And this was only over 2 days!

Snapchat is an excellent and affordable option for brands looking to connect with their target audience. By taking the time to select the proper locations and design an eye-catching filter, you are sure to have success just as CoWorkTampa did, and continues to do.

Are you looking to replicate this success with your brand? Contact Uhsome today to discuss your Snapchat goals. We can help you with the design and strategy for your geofilter in order to maximize your results.



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