Behavioral Retargeting Is ‘Uhsome’ For Your Business

What does every business want? — Increase brand awareness and engagement. Imagine having a visitor leave your website, and then come back again and again. Users are served your ads more frequently after they have visited your site.

Uhsome will find your users everywhere and anywhere on the web and also target users with your messaging through behavioral retargeting. It will make your brand look bigger and make you look like you spend more money than you actually are.

It is very simple. Give us your ad or we can create one and then a few lines of code on your website — we are now ready to retarget.

There are a couple of ‘uhsome’ benefits of behavioral retargeting: You will be reaching 98% of US web surfing audiences and increase conversion rates by up to five times. You are now able to target your visitors that perform actions on your site, which identify them as potentially being your customer.

For example, Zendesk is a web based customer support software company that uses behavioral retargeting. It shows a total ROI from all combined conversions of 1317% and attributed ROI from view-through conversions of 1160%. Direct ROI from click through conversions were 57%. Over a one-month period in September 2010, their behavioral retargeting campaign performed Uhsome results with a total of 43 unique visitors. They also received an astronomical branding value with their ads performing a .23% click-through rate.