An Uhsome Internship

Today is the last day of my internship at Uhsome Media & Marketing. I remember when my internship began around 15 months ago, when I was budding young lass and a new startupper. I met with Chris and we talked about what we each wanted to get out of each other. My connection with Uhsome and its goals just seemed to fit. I wasn’t super in tune with the business at that point, so I was able to give an outside perspective on some of Chris’ ideas. Sometimes, when we are working on projects day to day, it is hard to see the big picture is and what someone who has no idea what your project is will think of it. I like to think my input was valuable. Chris has also given me a lot of valuable help on my own startup, BetterBoo, which I was lost on without him.

It was remarkable the last few months moving into the new coworking space. I felt like I was a part of something cool. CoWorkTampa will help loads of budding entrepreneurs have office space at a fair price. What an awesome thing to be a part of! The entrepreneurship community in Tampa is on its way up. Being a part of it, however insignificant, has been truly amazing and inspiring.

I enjoyed my work at Uhsome, working with Kimmie, Sam, Chris and the “phantom” Ray. The atmosphere was refreshing, all of us working for the same goal, and building off each other to really provide a quality product to the customers we care about so much. I was proud selling Uhsome because I knew we would be providing something worth our customers’ time and money. We weren’t cheating them like so many other web/marketing companies do.

I hope to stay in touch with Uhsome as I move to the next stage in my life with college graduation from the University of Tampa in just a few weeks. I plan on traveling for a bit, then potentially come back and working for Uhsome if the timing is right for both Uhsome and myself.

God Bless Uhsome! Thanks for an Uhsome few months!

Nick Chmura