FoundersCard Membership Has Uhsome Benefits For Entrepreneurs

“To be an entrepreneur is to successfully balance dreaming and doing.” – Eric J. Kuhn

FoundersCard, based in New York City, New York, is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators with the opportunity to see and experience great things. It is a definite must have for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Members take pleasure in having access to frequent networking events during the whole year in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Boston as well as several other cities. Uhsome’s Brand Catalyst and member of Founderscard, Chris Arnoldi, has recently attended two of these events in New York City and Miami.

“It was an Uhsome opportunity to team up with other members in the tech community.” – Chris Arnoldi

Members of Founderscard redeem exclusive benefits, upgrades, and amenities from travel, lifestyle, and business brands, cautiously picked out to meet the entrepreneur’s needs. These discounts are exclusive to members as well as valued at rates that no one else will receive.

If you want to save on pretty much anything you can think of, learn about upcoming services, or just have the opportunity to meet people, then this community is for you.

To acquire a membership to Foundercard, please email — he will happily send you an invitation.