7 Steps On Turning Your Website Visitor To Your Potential Customer

It is great to have a fancy looking website because it attracts a lot of visitors. But what if you are running a creative business or a freelancer? You will need to turn those people into customers. Otherwise your website will just be a waste of money and time. Follow these ‘Uhsome’ tips to success:

One. Find out which products or services your customers are most excited about. Interact with your customers frequently to find out how they feel about your product or service. Do they buy from your competitors that you could do greater or differently?

Two. Make it obvious to your viewers that it is a business website. Make sure it is professional looking and has current content. You will want them to know that they can purchase from you or hire you.

Three. Be very open about what you are offering. Your visitors should be able to buy your products or services, hire you, subscribe to your active blog, or something to bring them closer to purchasing.

Four. Entering all of the details about the product or service is important for the potential buying customer. Convey how large it is, the weight, shipping costs, where its shipped to, time of delivery, refund policy, and the form of payments offered.

Five.  Everyone is always wondering whether they should post their prices or not. It is usually a good idea to display your pricing for your service or product. For some, you might not have to post your prices; price can vary depending on the type of service from a small to medium sized business. If they have to ask, they probably cannot afford it.

Six. A business will seem much more reassuring and credible if they have some type of reviews. So ask your satisfied clients for a testimonial including the benefits they have received. Even include videos, photos, URLS, etc.

Seven. This is the hardest part to accept. A very small percentage of your website’s first time visitors will actually purchase services or products. Try offering a free subscription to your blog so you can stay in front of your viewers. This way you can build loyalty between them and they will be more likely to buy from you when they are ready.



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