6 Ways To Make A Stunning Digital Portfolio

Here are a few easy tips to building an Uhsome portfolio:

1. Take the time and find your best work. Cautiously choose the right material for your portfolio. In my opinion, pick the work you want to be doing in the future. Expose only the work that you take pride in, which look Uhsome, and use the greatest materials.

Pick at least five projects that show the scope of your work, but be choosy.

2. Use eye-candy images and talk about the story behind it. Once you have selected the projects you would like shown, get into the little details of the work and figure out the best way to showcase it. Viewers like to know how you completed it, so give some thought into demonstrating your process – from the first idea, to beginning blueprints, to the completed product.

3. Make your website design simple — let your work do the shining instead. When you are putting together your portfolio, it is important that you have a website with content being the main attraction, not a fancy design distracting it.

Look at it like this: Your website is a car for people to look for your products.

4. Make a bio that expresses your process and outlook. Don’t just outline your previous jobs, but try storytelling instead. Here are a few steps to making an Uhsome bio:

a. Share your viewpoint on your creative industry
b. Tell a story about how you came up with your ideas and perspectives
c. Talk about your experience using great references such as noteworthy people and press
d. Be relatable by sharing some of your interests and hobbies

5. Add unique essential features. Since you have everything you need, now add some spunk and liveliness to it:

a. Acknowledge your awards
b. Make a contact form for contract work and freelance work
c. Include sharing buttons for your work on social media
d. Have a blog and update it often

6. Regularly keep your portfolio up to date. An Uhsome portfolio is never changeless!

You can view our Uhsome portfolio here.

Do you have any examples of Uhsome digital portfolios?