5 Tips For Creating Direct Ads.

Direct advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your advertisements seen by your target audience. People browsing the web see tons of direct advertisements everyday. How do you make your ads stick out? Here are five helpful tips:

1. Research. When it comes to direct ads, you need to know your competition. Seeing what’s out there and what’s working or not working can help you decide what type of ad to run. Visit websites in your industry and see what’s running on those sites. See which ones you like and don’t and start brainstorming.

2. Wording. Content is key with banner ads. You need it to be short, simple and catchy. Someone viewing a banner ad does not want to read a ton of copy. Keep the font large and get right to the point.

3. Color and images. Make sure you choose a color that sticks out on the web pages you are displaying the ads on. You should create different color ads to stick out from the web pages. The image you choose should be simple and represent what you’re selling. If you use an irrelevant, catchy image, people might click on it, but realize it’s not what you’re selling and leave immediately.

4. Promotion or Deal. The word “FREE” is a powerful one. Offering a discount or free item can entice viewers to click on your banner ad. Make sure when they get to your page, they can retrieve the discount. Nothing is more frustrating than an empty promise.

5. Low file size. Having a low file size will allow your image to load faster. If your ad loads before the rest of the web page content, the viewer will see your ad before anything else, grabbing their attention. You don’t want your ad to take too long to load. The website visitor could already be on another page before getting the chance to see your banner ad.

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