Why You Should Cowork At CoWorkTampa

New to coworking? That’s okay. Here’s the skinny for you:

CoWorkTampa, opening in January 2012, is looking for goal-driven people to network and build better businesses. We have limited membership space by the day or month. Members work at CoWorkTampa creating what they want. Our members range from start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, students and long-term professionals. Prototype, design, code, iterate, find networks, build products, get ideas, launch a company and become better with business at CoWorkTampa.

I thought I would share with you five reasons why you should cowork with us:

1. Get up, dress up, show up. We understand how wonderful it is when you are working on a project online and it cannot tell whether you are wearing clothes or not at 3pm. It may have been quite awhile that you have followed a dress code other than Pjs everyday. I bet you have forgotten how motivating it is to dress up for the day. Being a coworker, you know that being dressed professionally is your greatest success of the day.

2. You are intriguing. Your home office or your local shop is probably where you feel the most cozy and free from any interruptions. Unfortunately, free from any interruptions usually means free from communicating, which can be a downfall for those that rather have a screen to look at. One of the greatest parts of CoWorkTampa is comradeship. We want to know your big project you are working on. We will discuss marketing, blogging or coding the entire day with you.

3. Free coffee. And occasionally we’ll have snacks.

4. You now have a reason to actually clean your laptop. Turn your laptop upside down and see what falls out. Gross, right?

5. Coworking is fun! You might think that being in a crowded room full of people does not sound at all the greatest way to complete that project that has been keeping you up for days. Did you ever think that another coworker might have the solution to your problem he just solved a week ago? Or there’s another coworker that has the perfect advice for you. Or maybe, just maybe, getting out of your home and carrying a conversation with other like-minded people is what you need to break through your career’s stumbling block.

You do not have anything to lose, correct? If you are ready, call 8134662435 for more information and pricing on CoWorkTampa or email us at sales@coworktampa.com