4 Ways To Optimize Your Google Places Page

1 in 5 searches on Google have to do with location. There are about 400 million searches everyday by people looking for something locally. It is vital that local customers find your business online. You can have the opportunity to have a spot on the first page of Google or even gain more space for your business if you are already ranked on the first page. Here are four Uhsome ways to optimize your Google Places page:

1. Completeness and Consistency – There are various blank boxes to fill in when making or editing your Google Places page. A lot of them might not seem important enough to fill out but they are essential to complete. Google’s main goal is to provide users with the greatest experiences possible. Put it this way, the person will have a much better experience if there is more pertinent information on your Place page. Do not just fill out the required fields — you should fill out every optional text box such as your email address, your website address, detailed description of your business and any category your business would fall under.

Make sure your hours of operation are accurate and that you entered text on all the additional spaces as well as uploading any images and videos of your company. This may seem like extra stuff to you but every bit counts towards the completeness of your profile. So, when you type in all the areas for your profile, be as efficient as possible and don’t leave anything out!

It is essential to have all of your information consistent on all of your citations. Having citation sources will help associate trust with your Google Place page. GetListed.org has a great list of citation sources.

2. Keywords – Just like traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), placing your keywords in the correct fields is vital for your business’ ranking. If you place keywords in the wrong areas, it’ll make you look like a spammer. Don’t enter keywords in your business’ name unless it is already in your business’ name. Also, don’t place keywords in the categories for your company. Google is smart!

You should put your focus on strategically placing keywords in the description field. Don’t just keyword anything — make sure it makes sense while placing your important keyword phrases within the sentences.

3. Service Area – This is ideal for companies that will come to you such as handymen, teachers and cleaners. There’s a possibility that you might not be very knowledgable about the service area option. Basically, you would be able to enter the area you serve rather than entering an address for your company. It shows up on the Google map as a circle instead of the pinpoint. The only downside to this is that there has been a decrease in rankings when companies have chosen to service a specific area instead of their own company location. Hopefully, Google will change this, but in the meantime, don’t use that feature.

4. Boost Reviews– Reviews are definitely one of the greatest ways to increase your Google Place page rankings. Unfortunately, some people seem to only want to write reviews when they feel like a company has wronged them in some way. Also, you can’t delete a bad review. Google will say it’s a conflict of interest. It’s better to try some of these methods instead:

a. Message your Facebook friends or contact list and ask them to leave a review on your Google Place page.
b. You can send out a reminder or a postcard to have the customer write their experience with your company.
c. If you are emailing them, provide a call-to-action with a link asking them to write a review.
d. Try placing a sign by your register or give them a small flyer with their receipt asking for a review.

The whole idea is to make the process as easy as possible for your customers to write a review. Give them thorough instructions on what they need to do.

After you have done all the hard work on making your Google Place page great, don’t forget to verify your listing. By following Uhsome’s advice above, your business will have a much better chance ranking on the first page of Google!