4 Tips To Effective Multitasking

Multitasking can become completely useless if not done the right way. If you have a lot of work needed to be done, proper multitasking is a must.

We’ve gathered a few Uhsome methods to achieve this:

1. Win the battle from clutter. Without you even noticing it, your desk space will start to rise with piles, your trash will keep getting shoved back in and anxiety will eventually take place. You will visually see all of this and have no peace of mind knowing that there are all of these uncompleted to-dos in front of you.

So how do you win? Read your mail, put stuff back where they belong, clean your computer and file your paperwork. While doing these routine chores, take the time to listen to voicemails, calls, webinars, etc. where you don’t have to make any big decisions.

2. Put more time in for your health. When you feel like you never have time to do anything else, taking care of yourself may seem silly. If you add something you enjoy to the mix, you will be surprised on how easily your new eating habits will fit into your schedule.

What should you do? Well, you can start off by cooking. Make a list of food that you need BEFORE going to the grocery store. Take a stroll or even work out at the gym. While doing these activities, try picking up the phone to dial your friend, listen to your favorite music, watch Bloomberg or just think through a difficult problem that needs to be solved.

3. Socialize. Extraverts need to have interactions with people daily. If you’re introverted, you still need to feel connected somehow. You are able to fit people in your daily life without clogging up your full schedule.

Where do you start? Travel to work, take a stroll to your next meeting or event, be a part of an organization, go to school or even travel the world. Do all of those things with certain types of people: your family, people you work with or go to school with, close friends or children.

4. Give yourself more time to concentrate. Just because you have a moment to breathe, don’t use those important moments to fill it with texting people back, reading your emails or turning on the television. You are limiting your abilities to do effective work.

How do you use this time? Look back on your day, think of answers to problems, make a decision on a plan for your paper, think about people’s reaction to your last presentation or think about how you will convey your concerns to your business. The places you would be while thinking would be standing in line somewhere, being placed on hold over the phone, getting dressed in the morning, traveling to work and meetings, as well as doing tasks at home such as washing clothes or ironing. You will better prepare yourself for your next project when you are filling your time wisely.

Now, it’s your turn.

What’s your most effective plan of action to multitasking?