4 Solutions To Building Your Business

The more clients you have, the more work you have. Work will pay all of your bills. You end up doing great work and get a great testimonial. If you keep doing this, eventually you will ‘burn out.’ Importantly, you will spend all of your time, energy and creativeness on other people’s projects instead of your own. The most you will get out of this is a great portfolio, bigger client list as well as more testimonials.

“Sole traders start out with dreams of independence, but find themselves trapped by their own business.” – Michael Gerber in The E-Myth

Stop thinking like a freelancer and start acting like a creative entrepreneur. You can start creating business assets instead of hired work. This transition might sound a bit frightening so I have prepared you an attainable list for any solo person in business:

Solution #1: A Brand – create and display a professional and persistent appearance

Solution #2: Online Properties – establish digital real estate that evolves in value over time

Solution #3: Permission Assets – amplify a contact list with people who want to know more about your brand

Solution #4: Products – turn your abilities into tangible or digital items for sale

It may not be easy to find time on creating these assets – it is easier to keep working on your client’s projects as long as the money keeps rolling in. Just like with any of your personal goals, you should invest in this important long-term goal for the sake of your health and wealth.

So what is keeping you? What would happen if you found a way around those stumbling blocks?