4 Costly Web Development Mistakes

Having a great website is critical to every business. Many people spend tons of time making sure it looks perfect. The way a website looks is important but a lot of business’ neglect perfecting the back end of the website. Making sure everything on your website works correctly is important to the success of your site. Here are a few basic development mistakes to avoid:

1. Slow loading time. People only have so much patience when it comes to waiting for a page to load. Your website can be slow for a number of reasons, such as a server having too many sites on it or a JavaScript error. You don’t want to lose customers because they get frustrated with the slow load time and leave.

2. Immobility. People are using their mobile phones more and more to access the Internet. When they aren’t by a computer, they reach for their phone to gather information. Although having an app or mobile site will help, having a site that is functional in the mobile world is necessary. A website that doesn’t cater to the mobile world will lose plenty of customers.

3. Bad SEO tactics. Search Engine Optimization is important to many websites. There is a right way to go about SEO and a wrong way. The wrong way is trying to cram keywords into the footer and sidebar. These tricks will not work. SEO has to be done correctly in order to get a good ranking on search engines.

4. Not updating and testing. New technology comes out and things stop working. It’s important to make sure everything is up to do date with all browsers. You want to make sure everything functions correctly on your website at all times. Having a portion of your website down could lose you a ton of business.

Having a great website is one of the best ways to improve your business. We will handle all of your development needs from start to finish. Call 8134662435 today to speak with a website development professional!