Why PPC Campaigns Are Uhsome For Your Business

Pay per click (PPC) is an online advertising model used by businesses. It’s a relatively inexpensive yet effective way to advertise online. With PPC, you can target who you want to based on a number of different factors. You can target based on gender, location or age. You can even get as specific as interests, buying habits and income. The best part about PPC advertising is that you only pay as much as you want to for as long as you want to.

Google AdWords: The first step to creating your advertisement in Google Adwords is to choose keywords for your business. You want these keywords to be as relative to your product or service as possible. If you have trouble coming up with keywords or want to know which ones will work best for your product, Google has a tool for helping you come up with the best keywords for your campaign. You set a budget for your keywords, and once the budget is reached, your ads will not show anymore. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

When people search for a relevant product or service, your ad will appear on the top or side of the Google search. Once someone clicks on the ad, they will be directed to the landing page of your choice. If the ultimate goal of your ad is for someone to buy the product, have the user land on a payment page. If you just want to share information, have the ad direct them to a description page.

Facebook Advertising: With Facebook advertising, you create an ad, whether it is for an event or just general awareness of your service or product. You choose whom to target. Facebook allows you to get even more specific than Google. You can target people by gender, relationships status, location, what they ‘Like’ and who their friends are. Again, same as with Google, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. You set a daily budget and adjust daily as the campaign runs.

Both Google and Facebook allow you to monitor the campaign and make adjustments when needed.

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