3 Behavioral Retargeting Mistakes To Avoid

Through your SEO efforts, you’ve increased traffic to your website. But how many people leave your website without converting? Most of your site’s first time visitors leave without making a purchase. Today, marketers get extremely specific as to who to target. These visitors who already visited your page are ideal to target. They are somewhat interested in your product/service and may just need a little extra push to go back to your website. That is where behavioral retargeting comes in.

Behavioral retargeting places a “cookie” on all of your website visitors. This enables the company to target these browsers specifically through banner or pop-up advertisements. Sounds like a pretty full-proof marketing plan right? It can be as long as you stay clear of the following common behavioral retargeting errors:

1. Not using a series of banner ads. Someone can see your ads multiple times a day or week. If they see one of your ads and decide not to click on it, there’s no point of them seeing the ad anymore. If you show them different banner ads with promotions or new information, they will be more inclined to click. Be sure to change the sizes of the ads as well.

2. Uncapped Frequency. Set a limit on the amount of impressions for your campaign. You don’t want the same person who’s not clicking to view the ad 20 times. If they see the ad too many times, they will feel like you are trying too hard and be less likely to click on it.

3. Not segmenting your audience. Even though you already are targeting a specific audience, (people who have viewed your website) it’s important to create multiple audiences. You can separate who you target by which pages they viewed on your website and how they got to your page.

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