3 Advantages To Public Speaking

You spend a ton of time on marketing, making sure jobs are being completed and more customers are rolling in, even coming up with new projects as well as updating all of your work. But you are not doing any public speaking for your business, right?

I bet you are shaking just thinking about it. In fact, public speaking is an excellent way to build your reputation and your business. Fortunately, a lot of offline events are becoming much more popular, mostly in the creative department. These get-togethers provide favorable circumstances for anyone with some expertise – it is not only for self-promoting but for you to personally grow as well.

Here are a few Uhsome notes on the pros of public speaking:

Note #1: Come off as a professional – No one will know that you are highly educated about anything unless you show them. If you speak publicly about your expertise, you can show them how you have power in your area.

Note #2: Amplify your skills and connections – Engage with your audience. They might object to your perspective and give you some great insights that will give you a versatile outlook on the topic you are speaking about. When you speak, you should be learning at the same time.

Note #3: Expand your visibility online and in person – When you speak to a big crowd, come prepared with an online video (YouTube, Vimeo) or slides to share (SlideShare). This way, your knowledge will go beyond the audience that is in the room.

Where to begin?

Note #1: Figure out what you love and what you want to talk about. You should talk about what you are knowledgeable about because that is where you will have more to offer.

Note #2: Go to the events that you would like to do your public speaking. Get to know the people that are talking at the events. They will more likely invite you to speak there and not just ignore you if you ask them as well.

Note #3: Blog, Blog, Blog. The more you write about a certain topic, the more you will become educated about it.

Note #4: Be tangible. Nothing beats execution. Do what you are great at. Then people will acknowledge you.

What tips would you like to share with us?